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Meet Supp Hub! Introducing our store and the people behind the brand.

What is Supp Hub?

Two friends from the same small town of Emerson, NJ, have come together to bring the town of Westwood and the local area a supplement store/website with the best products for any person trying to get more healthy or more jacked! We will have all the most competitive and beneficial brands for protein, pre-workout, BCAA’s, creatine, vitamins, etc.

Meet Joe, Burt, Shane, Ian, and Zack

Joe Bosco is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert who also currently runs Elite Marketing Solutions LLC. Joe is bringing his marketing background and overall business knowledge to Supp Hub in order to branch out the company and reach any hungry person trying to take a step up in the gym. Over the past few years Joe has taken an interest in optimizing his health. By implementing an effective workout routine and eating clean, Joe has taken massive strides in achieving his fitness goals. With supplements playing a massive role in his success, he decided to partner with his friend Burt, a supplement and fitness expert, to bring Supp Hub to life.

Burt McCarroll is a recent graduate from the United States Merchant Marine academy, who is commissioned as an officer in the Army Reserves, and a licensed 3rd assistant engineer in the coast guard. Burt spent his years at the academy training and learning from the navy’s special forces on how to reach each individual's peak physical performance through both training and supplements. Burt has brought this knowledge to Supp Hub by providing customers the healthiest and most beneficial products for anyone trying to get in better shape or have a healthier lifestyle.

Shane McCarroll, younger brother of Burt, is a fitness enthusiast who started his journey in the midst of the Covid pandemic. He quickly fell in love with the gym, starting out with Burt in their basement, which led him to gain significant weight and dramatically increase his strength and physical appearance. Shane is a huge fan of pre-workouts and loves getting the greatest pump to be found east of the Mississippi. Shane currently works for a Landscaping company during the summer while he attends SUNY Maritime College during the school year.

Zack has spent the majority of his life playing sports and being active. Throughout his childhood years he played multiple sports per season until he settled on football and wrestling in high school. After his high school career, Zack went on to play college football for one season. Going into his sophomore year of college amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, he chose to switch routes when it came to his athletic career. Since 2020 Zack has been training CrossFit looking to compete at the semi finals and games in the upcoming years. With the mix of heavy lifting, short sprint style workouts and long endurance pieces, Zack can do it all. Long training days with multiple sessions 5 days per week require supplementation to stay hydrated, fueled, and strong throughout the hot summer days as well as hours in the gym year round. Zack has been taking supplements for years now, and he relies on supp hub for all of his supplement needs!

Ian has been heavily interested in powerbuilding (powerlifting/bodybuilding) for a few years and is considering competing in the near future. He has been an athlete his entire life, playing football and baseball in high school, so making a transition into weightlifting was not challenging for him. His passion for fitness comes from the overall health benefits and the fitness community which enables him to meet people that motivate him to get better and improve every aspect of his life. He believes every training session poses a new challenge, which makes overcoming each challenge a rewarding experience. Ian is eager to share his knowledge with any beginners or newcomers looking for advice, and encourages anyone with questions about training and nutrition to reach out and connect through his Instagram.

The mission

We understand at Supp Hub that there is a different protein, pre-workout, etc that works best for you. Our goal is to bring a wide range of these products so that anyone with specific goals, diets, or restrictions can find a product that works best for them. We have done the research, and are willing to put the time in so that YOU can find the product that works best for you on this fitness journey.

Are there any products you would love for us to have in the store?

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”



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