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The Power of Supersetting!

Everyone understands achieving your fitness goals is hard and often very time-consuming due to long workout programs/sessions. This is why the superset is so important, the superset allows you to maximize your workout in a short amount of time. This post will help explain how to superset, the benefits of supersetting, and how it can be incorporated into your workout routine.

How to Superset

Supersetting combines two exercises in your workout with little to no rest in between each exercise of the set. These two exercises are for different muscles which allows you to still maximize the exercise with the minimized rest.

Example: (chest and triceps Monday)

1st Superset: 4 sets of (12x Dumbbell chest flies w/ 10x tricep pull-downs)

2nd Superset: 6 set (10x incline dumbbell bench press w/ 15x skullcrushers)


Shortened workout time: Supersetting cuts down your total workout time without hindering your workout by cutting rest and combining workout exercises.

Increased muscular Endurance: Supersetting increases the volume of output from your muscles and helps your muscles handle increased amounts of stress for longer periods of time. Increased muscular endurance gives your muscles a better ability to hit a specific weight for more repetitions without getting burned out.

Increased Cardiovascular Strength/muscular hypertrophy: Supersetting will cause an increase in your heart rate which will cause an increase in metabolic demand. The increase in metabolic demand will encourage your muscles to handle higher stress, and grow/develop at a faster rate.

Increased Caloric Consumption: Raising your heart rate during workout with supersetting will also cause an increased amount of calories burned, by increasing your metabolic rate in order to withstand the raised heart rate.

Maximize the Superset

Supersetting promotes muscular growth and development and often breaks down your muscles more than other workout routines. Due to this we recommend one of our most potent pre-workouts.

USE CODE: “SUPERSET20” to get 20% off the Mother Bucker “Strawberry Supersets” flavor in stores or online today! (offer expires 07/31/2023)


Supersetting can be used to help build muscular strength, muscular endurance, or burn more calories. In the end, this can be a great tool for any gym rat looking to add variation and flexibility to their workout routine on this everlasting fitness journey. Let us know how you found success using the superset?


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