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Muscle Matrix contains 25 grams of pure, complete protein derived from two different milk sources that digest and absorb at different rates to ignite muscle protein synthesis and keep amino acid levels elevated for several hours. The benefit of prolonged amino acid absorption is that it helps keep you in an anabolic state — maximizing muscle growth and repair while minimizing muscle breakdown.

The whey protein isolate used in Muscle Matrix is rapidly digested and causes an almost immediate rise of amino acid levels in the blood that remains elevated for around 1.5 hours and then returns to baseline after approximately 3-5 hours. You then have the micellar casein found in the protein matrix that coagulates in the gut and is digested slower than whey protein isolate. This leads to a slow and steady release of amino acids into the blood that can remain elevated for up to 7 hours — drastically extending and amplifying muscle protein synthesis and your anabolic state.

NutraBio Muscle Matrix Whey Isolate/Casein (2lbs)

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